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ADORATIONNEL Power Team Application
High Expectations
Get Ready For Excellence
There will many applicants but only a few will make it.  Only the best and hard working staff will be retained by ADORATIONNEL.  

We are a brand new company, but will aim to be the BEST in our industry and that's taking care of the elderly and disabled.  
The RALsystems APP will include:

ADORATIONNEL - Provide staffing assistance to new and existing facilities.

ADORATION RESOURCES - Helps fill up beds with those that need 24 hours of care in Assisted Living Type A, Type B and Memory Care facilities.

RALsystems APP will not be launched until Summer 2019 (if not sooner), but we want to start collecting applications because when the time comes, we want to hit the ground running.  

However, it's not fair to you hold you up from making right now money so you can take care of your family. Therefore, there is a 50/50 chance that we will not be working together soon as the APP is up.

Here's one thing that's for sure, over the next 10 years, RALsystems and its affiliates will have well over 10,000 job openings NATIONWIDE. There will always be a position to fill and we only want the best.

If you truly care about seniors and you are really passionate about what you do, then we want you to join our POWER TEAM.  We are looking to build long-term relationships and we look forward to meeting you.

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